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Hi-res photos of firearms

Feel free to use them for any pro-RKBA web pages and publications. By-lines or back-links much appreciated but not required. Click on thumbnails to see larger photos. If you have unusual or historically significant firearms or uniforms and live near Nashville, TN, consider making them available for me to photograph.

For more images, see World Guns.

Semi-automatic pistols.

Glock 26 and Kahr P9 (comparison)
Colt Vest Pocket
Mauser C96, Steyr 1912
Kel-tec P32 (review)
Colt 22
Sig-Sauer P228 and P239
Nambu 8mm
Tokarev TT33
Astra, S&W 915

Revolvers and non-autoloading pistols.

Enfield revolver .380
Davis derringer and NAA Mini Mag
1895 Nagant and 1892 Lebel
.455 Webley and .45 black-powder pistol

Rifles and Submachine guns

Beretta BM59
Sten Mk.2 and Mk.5
Erma MP40 and G43
Uzi and HK MP5
Steyr M95 carbine

Why people own guns

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Technology of firearms

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Politics of self-defense
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