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The PPSh-41 was developed to replace expensive machined PPD-34. Reliable and cheap, it filled roughly the same niche as MP40, Sten and M2 carbine, but was issued in greater numbers. Its drum magazine holds 71 rounds (Tokarev 7.62x25 aka Mauser .30). Later, 35-round stick magazines became more common.
PPSh submachine  gun
Burp gun

Bottom view

Ready for kicking butt

Closed bolt

Barrel shroud

Prominent drum

Protected front sight

Trap door for cleaning kit

Flip-notch rear sight

Top ejection port

7.62x25  Tokarev aka .30 Mauser

Drum magazine holds 71
        rounds of 7.62x25

Suomi, not Thompson was the inspiration

Subgun and extra magazine

Receiver, spare drum

Unloaded gun (Repeat visitors, I just fixed a 404 on this page)

Bill Berg maintains a superbly illustrated site about PPSh, with great images.
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