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MP40 (left) was the first submachine gun that was mass-produced largely from stampings. The low rate of fire made this gun very controllable. It was used by Nazis during WW2, as well as by the many people who fought against them. Will the M16 be remembered similarly?

The G43 rifle (right) was the German counterpart of the Soviet SVT40. It used full-power 8mm Mauser round and was issued primarily to snipers. The telescopic sight was standard. In common with the MP40, it has a cocking handle on the left, a peculiarly German expedient. Please note that the current laws already prohibit Americans from producing or importing any rifles that are more capable than this obsolete design. Even its contemporary MP44 or the BAR (which predates it by twenty years) are off limits to us. Some cheery thought!

Bolt forward

Bolt back, ready to fire

shells all around

G43 sniper rifle, 8mm Mauser

Receiver, 10-round magazine

Simple scope

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