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Designed in 1891, this rifle was still produced in the 1950s. The rifle on the top right, with an octagonal receiver, dates from the late 19th century. It was cut down to carbine length sometime in the 1930s. The other images show two examples of a later model which was captured by the Finns during the Winter War, re-finished by Sako and sold to the US. During the Winter War, individual Finnish marksmen armed mostly with this crude yet potent tool had checked the advance of the Soviet Army until Mannerheim could put together a semblance of regular army.

The peculiar two-piece bolt and safety were apparently so designed to bypass Mauser patents. The gun is simple and effective. The Nagant-designed magazine holds rimmed cartridges without rim over rim jams that can occure with other types. In common with other rifles of the period, it has sights optimistically marked to 2,000 paces. More at Mosin-Nagant Net.

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