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NAA Mini revolver in .22 Magnum is very similar to the original rimfire revolvers brought out in the 1860s by Smith&Wesson. The cylinder must be removed entirely for loading. The cylinder axis pin is then used for poking out fired shell casings.

Although more powerful than the original short blackpowder cartridge, .22 Magnum is an unimpressive performer from the short barrel. Accuracy and rate of fire leave much to be desired as well. However, as the Mini is even lighter and smaller than the already diminitive Kel-tec P32, it allows the owner to be armed where that would otherwise be impossible.

First rule of gunfighting: HAVE a gun Hi-res

NAA Mini Mag with ammo

Mini Mag

Open for reloading

An ace in the hole

Mini rvovler vs autoloader


A similarly clumsy Davis derringer offers two rounds of .32acp. Its accuracy is likewise unimpressive. It is of somewhat more robust construction than the Mini and is correspondingly heavier. Its chief virtue is concealability: the gun can be hidden where a more conventional self-defense tool won't fit.

7.65 derringer

Manual extractor visible

Hidden in plain sight

In Garand webbing

derringer vs autoloader

I'd like to recommend an extensive guide to miniature weapons available in English and German.
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