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Uzi, a 1950s Israeli design. In common with the Czech CZ2x series, Italian Beretta M12, it uses a bolt that wraps around the barrel, reducing the gun's overall size and preventing debris (or fingers) from entering the ejection port.

In Israel, Uzi submachine guns are usually carried by off-duty soldiers and civilians. Their low recoil and safety features make them a natural for non-military users. In the US they had long been used by the Secret Service to protect the President. Naturally, regular Americans need to jump through much red tape and pay extra for the privilege of owning one of these "eeeeevil assault weapons".

This weapon is the current choice of the Secret Service. HK MP5 is an unusual German design that fires from a closed bolt, much like a semi-automatic rifle. It gains accuracy at the theoretical expense of sustained fire capability (open bolt designs facilitate faster barrel cooling). This weapon and the larger caliber UMP45 have become common with the American police departments.

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