9mm Sig-Sauer P228, one of the many handguns made less efficient by magazine capacity restrictions. As you can observe, crippled 10-round magazines are more fragile than the proper 15-rounders.

People who oppose gun ownership by others call any effective weapon "assault gun" and try to ban it. If a weapon is less effective, it is a "Saturday night special" and also subject to a ban. Fortunately, their efforts have unintended consequences, at times.

One such consequence is the trend towards more potent chamberings. So long as no magazines over ten rounds can be produced (and the prices on the pre-ban magazines rise to astronomical levels), many have decised to go with thinner guns which use single-stack magazines. Improved ballistics of .357 Sig (10mm case necked down to take a 9mm bullet) partly compensate for the smaller number of rounds carried. Sig 239 is representative of such designs.

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Right side Sig 239 Hi-res
Left side, traditional controls Hi-res
Single-stack Sig is thinner Hi-res
7-round magazine Hi-res
357 Sig ammunition Hi-res