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Many magazines, TV programs and other mass media are in the forefront of the effort to render Americans defenseless. Reality takes a back seat to a concerted effort to blame violence, wars, social inequality on inanimate objects. We can laugh at the witch-hunting of centuries past, yet modern mass media perception of gun as the devil is hardly different. Although the newscasters show little understanding of firearms, they get uninformed viewers, especially children, convinced.
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Some of the people behind this propaganda campaign know what they are doing. They are not fond of free speech and wish to control it. Many more journalists don't even realize what bitter fruit their efforts would bear.

Free speech is truly possible so long as the right to it can be enforced. The First Amendment would not hold for long after the Second is gone. The precedents for that abound in recent history.

Technology evolves, your rights stay
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A common argument claims that "the authors of the Bill of Rights could not have predicted the power of modern weapons, therefore the Second Amendment cannot have been designed to protect ownership of them." By that analogy, free speech as protected by the First Amendment, would have to be limited to quill pens and unamplified voice. Obviously, the Internet, television and radio could not have been envisioned by the Founding Fathers. That way of thinking has been much favored by Communist dictators who either prohibited typewriters and radios or imposed a strict control over them.

Constitutional rights are not

Second Amendment Looks after the First Hi-res

Some organizations would strongly support some Constitutional rights and ignore the others. ACLU is one such group: they pick and choose which parts of the Bill of Rights they deem worthwhile. But the idea behind the Constitution was that the enumerated rights were mutually reinforcing. Losing some of the rights would cause the loss of all in a short order.


It takes courage...
While the news anchor may praise heroism of American Marines showing courage under fire (somewhere far away), they do not bother to mention a different kind of heroism that occurs more often and benefits our society more. People confronted by muggers or threatened with rape or other abuse sometimes eliminate the threat with judicious use of force. Such use, more often than not, consists of a mere demonstration of willingness to resist. Human predators tend to go for passive prey.
Family values

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Every spectacular mis-use of a weapon by criminals gets prime time coverage. Very seldom do newspaper or television cover the lifesaving uses of personal firearms. Moreover, newscasters engage in an overt effort to stereotype gun owners as intolerant, homophobic, racist Neanderthals.

Our good neighbors The idea is to keep my non-white co-workers and my gay neighbors or anyone else who does not fit that very negative description from realizing that their rights are being trampled, too. When demonizing the NRA and other civil rights organizations, the talking heads try to cover up their incredible diversity and genuine grassroots character.

Hang together

Do not allow anyone to divide us and rule. You don't have to have an interest in specific types of firearms or like specific groups of gun owners but you MUST support them. Fail to give aid to your allies in the fight for the preservation of our rights and those rights will be taken from us piecemeal.

Big Brother wants you -- defenseless!

Many entertainers and news writers exhort us to emulate other countries which have strict laws against self-defense. Yet we need only look to these other countries to see how false is the promise of security through gun control. For instance, England's recent prohibition on most firearms has had dismal consequences. As the law-abiding subjects complied with disarmament laws, violent criminals prey on them with no fear of resistance. The formerly unarmed police are toting submachine guns.

The confiscation of firearms in the UK has occured simultaneously with the suspension of many civil liberties. It is a technique used by Communists, National Socialists and military juntas world-wide. Presiding over defenseless subjects dispenses with the pretense that the citizens can hold politicians accountable. Such countries, in effect, are reviving the most unsavory aspects of feudalism.

Counter their lies! Hi-res

Public schools also try to promote gun control. In many schools children are taught that a mere depiction of a firearm is evil and antisocial, that self-defense is wrong and that they should snitch on their gun-owning parents. The idea of brainwashing impressionable children is nothing new: it has been done before with the Hitlerjugend.

Most of the lies are transparent and pathetically illogical. However, unless countered by parents, they will add up subliminally through sheer repetition. If you have kids, please review their coursework. You may be in for an unpleasant surprise.

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