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Take a friend ot the range Hi-res

If you already know how to shoot, consider taking someone who doesn't to the range. This is especially important with kids, as they cannot learn to shoot on their own. You may want to cover range fees and ammo to start with. The benefit to your pupil will be immediate. The benefit to you will be in the long run -- more like-minded, informed people on our side of the issue.

Basics of life.

Taking someone to the range is the best way to show them that guns are not the evil supernatural entities with devious minds of their own. As we know, ignorance is not a virtue. Kids who have seen waaaay-cool guns on TV but never handled them in real life would be likely to do what the movies taught them -- with tragic results. Try to get to kids before they get brainwashed in school. Else you may end up with this miserable scenario.

A gift of trust

The best place to start is at home. It is important that your spouse and you are in agreement on the subject of self-defense. A relationship in which there's no agreement on such basics would be quite precarious.

The issue is trust. It takes trust in the good will and good judgement of your mate to approve of their ownership of a weapon. Gifts of guns and other weapons are highly symbolic for that reason. They say most eloquently that the giver trusts the recipient absolutely.

Combat tupperware
Stainless steel
Train together

If your mate does share your views, train together. In addition to the practical benefits, you would enjoy a wonderful sense of teamwork. It is good to know that someone near and dear to you can and would defend you, if need be.

Sharing a compatible set of values means fewer arguments when raising kids. If you are currently dating an anti-gun, anti-freedom person, think ahead to the eventual complications over this issue.

Ammunition pouch

A gift that may save lives later Hi-res

If you can afford to do so, give arms, ammunition and training to your friends. Many people cannot afford even the basic defensive tools and your assistance would be appreciated. In the future, these people would help someone else in turn. The ripple effect does work.


Some people look at the gains made by the prohibitionists and wish to stop it through open combat. Those are folks who have not been to war. Civil wars are far more difficult, expensive and nasty than any political effort.

Remember, guns are defensive tools. Their purpose is to keep lawful humans alive and unhurt. For the offensive to re-take our rights, we need stronger weapons: our minds.

Get active fight for your rights

If you wish to safeguard your rights, start by doing what you can now. Those who would not make the effort from the safety and comfort of their homes cannot be relied on to take up arms, either. Convince your elected representatives. Convince your neighbors. Support friendly organizations. Teach safety, techniques of firearm use. There's so much you can do that doesn't require killing or getting killed.

The price of freedom

We cannot keep our civil rights without defeating the opposition's propaganda, so do not be shy about educating others. Help produce ads and educational materials that support your views and inform the fence-sitters. Please vote for candidates who have consistently supported the Second Amendment in the past. Select a definite goal, such as the repeal of the ban on effective firearms for self-defense in your home state.

In talking to people, please keep other issues out of the discussion. We are in a fight for our way of life: please do not drive away your squad-mates, even if you do not like them personally. That they are on your side is all the recommendation that they need. These people are already our allies: do not drive them away!

If you wish to help but not sure where to start, talk to your allies. Together we can form a plan of action.

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