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Are you *that* paranoid?
Yes. I grew up in USSR and have seen what happens when citizens are reduced to the status of subjects. Moreover, proficiency with weapons is as practical a skill as giving CPR or using a fire extinguisher: in an emergency, these skills can save lives.

You must be a violent freak.
I and other pro-self defense people abhor violence. We do not, however, expect to be left alone merely by appealing to the best nature of others. While most people live and let live, the exceptions to that practice have to be deterred from preying on lawful humans. That applies to equally the freelance criminals and government thugs. We only have the freedom of expression and other Constitutionally-enumerated rights as long as we stay vigilant.

Do you have a life outside of politics?
I pretend convincingly. Want to see the other side of my life?

Do you view police as your enemy?
No. A police instructor taught me about safe use of firearms in the first place. Most of the individual cops are allies. Unfortunately, in many locations, the heads of police departments are hostile to the people they are supposed to serve.

May I use pictures from a-human-right.com?
Yes, please do. Reproduction of the unaltered images in electronic media or print is permitted and encouraged, provided that a by-line is given and that the images are used to promote responsible gun ownership. Please check with me first: some of the images have other conditions attached to them. If you wish to produce graphics based on my posters or photographs, make sure to obtain permission from me first. Many images have conditions attached to them. Organizations or individuals promoting restrictions on ownership and use of firearms are prohibited from using any images from this site.

If you would like to modify my images or use them as elements in more complex compositions, please email me. I try to be helpful, but I would also like to make sure that the uses are consistent with the goals of this web site.

May I add a link?
Please do. Links account for over 90% of the visits to this site. If you can, use this 10KB graphic when adding a link. Let me know when you add links or use my images; it is a matter of common courtesy. Also, I may have resources useful for your site.

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Can I contribute?
Articles, illustrations and comments are welcome. You will have by-line and backlinks. I am also in need of people to appear in my posters: if you are not camera-shy, please contact me. If you spot typos or factual errors, let me know.

I lose track of your arguments: what do all those technical terms mean?
This helpful glossary contains definitions and history of most terms used within my site, along with their history.

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